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How to use Fleshlights

The use of Fleshlight is same as using of other masturbator. Basically just put the lubricant and insert the erect penis. As all Fleshlight it made by same process, so the usage is also same for all Fleshlight series. Here, we will introduce its basic usage.


First of all, since Fleshlight sleeves are in the closed case, so remove case's caps. Be careful with the case, it might be tight and of course, do not forget its internal gel content is too soft. So required care while uncapping it. Since the cap is designed to be removed like a screw, remove it with rotating. Let's take off it carefully to avoid injuring your fingers and sleeve.


Now, apply and eject the lubricant in the Fleshlight hole. Remember loosening the bottom lid at this time will permeate the lubricant deeply. While ejecting lubricant, it is important to use the appropriate amount of lubricant. If lubricant is less, it will dry between the act. If it is too much, it will leak from the bottom lid. So careful.

In the first use, you may not aware of the amount of lubricant. At first inject a little amount, if later feel insufficient apply more. Depending on the lubricant used, the stimulus may change. For smooth lubricants, the stimulus is transmitted directly, and in the case of high viscosity lubricants, the irritation becomes mild. Let's use it many times and find your preference.


Now time to penetrate, while inserting the penis make sure penis is erect. If user is not erected, it is difficult to insert, although its internal gel content is made by soft material.

It is also recommended to every Fleshlight user to apply lubricant sufficiently to the penis with erection. When inserting, 100% erection is not necessary, but 50% erection is necessary. Of course, those who erected completely 100% can insert smoothly and get pleasure. and if you want to do creampie(Inside ejaculation), you can do it.

And Condoms can also be used. Because maintenance get easy with the use of condoms. If you use cock ring the pleasure of masturbation will further increase.


Time to enjoy the Fleshlight pleasure. By adjusting the bottom lid, enjoy the vacuum with the internal pressure. Continue the process and strokes to reach to the unforgettable climax. This bottom lid plays an important role. If you want the power of suction, insert deeply and loosen the lid and discharge air to outside.

If you raise Fleshlight in that state, Fleshlight sucks on your penis. You can get the same pleasure as a suction blow job. If the entrance is with lips, you can experience a real blowjob experience. We feel that it is more pleasant than real. In addition, if the entrance is a vagina, Fleshlight's soft inner wall plays a role like the inner wall of a vagina, give your dick a gentle stimulation.